Smart Technologies for Defibrillator Monitors

Real-time defibrillator monitoring to track, monitor, and maintain life-saving AED monitors
Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the UK’s greatest killers. In the event of a cardiac arrest, time is of the essence. Defibrillator cabinet monitors are an essential piece of equipment in the critical moments following an arrest. While many public access defibrillators have been installed in high-traffic areas, it has been reported that one third of these portable defibrillators don’t work. Smarter Technologies has created a low cost, retro-fit solution to monitor and report on errors, problems, and maintenance requirements in real time. This gives operators accurate data on the location and status of all their machines – a smarter approach that could save lives.


Find out the precise location of your defibrillator monitoring equipment at all times.


The effectiveness of defibrillator monitoring lies in ensuring that they are always in good working order. Get real-time alerts on errors and maintenance requirements.


Find out the status of all machines and get detailed data logs 24/7 on your personalised dashboard – remotely accessible on registered mobile devices.

Defibrillator Security

Apart from keeping automated external defibrillator (AED) monitors in good working order, defibrillator security is another important consideration to ensure machines are available and working in the event of an emergency. AED machines have been known to be tampered with or stolen. These critical devices are not often recovered. The smart defibrillator monitoring solutions from Smarter Technologies provide both real-time, automated notifications on unauthorised behaviour as an anti-tampering measure, as well as GPS location information for tracking and recovery.


Get alerts on unauthorised activity and make use of real-time use and user monitoring. Smarter Technologies’ solution is automated to report and photograph machine usage as required.


Real-time location monitoring and tracking informs relevant personnel of theft and allows for tracking and increased potential for recovery.


Where investment is made in leading technology, the defibrillator monitor price of replacement can be high. Smart defibrillator security mitigates the cost of loss and replacement.

Defibrillator Cabinet Monitor Maintenance

Heart starting machines like defibrillators require regular, consistent maintenance. Maintenance and usage records and the data from ongoing monitoring are key to devising optimal maintenance schedules. These IoT-based smart solutions for defibrillators put information on maintenance history and upcoming requirements at your fingertips. By programming the system to send automated alerts for preventative maintenance, you ensure maintenance is always up to date on individual machines and stores comprehensive records. This both extends the lifespan of machines and has a positive effect on its life-saving potential.


Get automated notifications on faults, errors, undesirable temperature and battery conditions for instant reactions.


Avoid unnecessary or overlooked maintenance by compiling data-inspired preventative maintenance schedules.


Keep thorough records on all usage and maintenance action around defibrillator monitors on a secure, cloud-based platform – accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Smart Defibrillator Monitoring Solutions Features & Benefits

Real-time, secure, consistent monitoring
Data insights are remotely accessible – anytime, anywhere
Data metrics include status, temperature, battery levels, faults, and GPS location
Use and user monitoring
Location monitoring and tracking
Easily integrable into existing systems
Easily integrable into existing systems
Easy to install
Invaluable tool for preventative and corrective maintenance

Defibrillator monitors are not in working order


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The survival rate when a bystander uses a defibrillator rather than waiting for emergency services


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The Argument for a Database of Defibrillator Monitors

A person’s heart can stop beating at any time. When it does, time is of the essence when it comes to survival. Defibrillators are heart-starting machines that shock the heart – and can be used by people with limited medical training – to save lives prior to the arrival of medical personnel. They also play an important role in reporting information to the hospital.
Life can change in a heartbeat
Defibrillator monitors are a crucial link in the chain of survival. To be effective, they need to work. As with any equipment which remains unused for long periods of time, AED monitors require ongoing interest in their maintenance and status – something that could be a matter of life or death for victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
Perhaps one of the greatest hindrances to the effectiveness of defibrillator monitors is accessibility. It is becoming more and more commonplace to find defibrillators in places like stadiums, fitness centres, airports, and in public places with high foot traffic. This is to empower members of the public to step in during cardiac emergencies.

The benefits of an AED machine database:

Quickly locate the nearest defibrillator in an emergency
Precise location tracking for increased accessibility
Save time by quickly establishing that machines are in good working order
Quick insights into battery life, errors, and other metrics
Identify areas that would benefit from machines

Defibrillator Software Powered by Orion

Smarter Technologies’ secure Orion Data Network provides real-time, accurate data and reporting using simple, scalable, wireless tech. Using a system of IoT tags and sensors, data is transmitted on each machine into the Orion Data Network. This data is then remotely accessible, via the gateway, on registered mobile devices. Quickly see the status of all machines at a glance on the dashboard or drill down into more detailed data logs.


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Tags are quickly and easily seen


Tags last for years; not days


Receives messages in all locations


500m to 10km per gateway


Can switch from digital to analogue to increase recovery capabilities and accurate location.


Tracks and reports on many different metrics including location, temperature, tampering, status, errors, faults, battery life, and maintenance.


Easily retrofitted and integrable with existing infrastructure for rapid deployment.

About Smarter Technologies

Smarter Technologies Group is a collection of companies with high-level expertise in hardware, software, and communications. Using its proprietary Orion Data Network, Smarter Technologies empowers enterprises and organisations through intelligent tools and smart technologies for a smarter, future-facing approach to operations. These low-power, high range, IoT-based solutions are tailored for easy integration of data-driven strategy. As a collective that thrives on innovation, Smarter Technologies Group has devised meaningful, scalable applications for its powerful smart solutions. Smarter Technologies Group aspires to enhance the life-saving potential of essential AED monitors through smart defibrillator monitor solutions.
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Smart Steps in A Heart Emergency

Contact us today to find out more about smart defibrillator monitoring solutions from Smarter Technologies. These intelligent tags, sensors, and IoT gateways are the toolkit fundamentals for defibrillator monitoring, maintenance, security, and accessibility.
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